4 Tips For CNC Cutting Machine Users

If you have recently bought a CNC machine, and are excited to lay your hands for the first time, well, take a step back. While practice makes you perfect in this art of crafting, there are a few tricks which will enhance your designs automatically. In Kent, many companies are now using these machines for getting their metal work done with perfection. They also provide training for using CNC in Kent so that even the newbie can carve beautiful designs.

Some tips

Good Quality Cutters

Remember the carbide cutters will always last longer than anything else. When yielding cutters, always prefer the better ones quality-wise even if that means, going for the expensive ones. Expensive cutters are worth the price for their accurate carvings and their guarantee for the long run. Pick cutters of different sizes- ½’’, ¼’’, and so on.

A feeds and speeds calculator

The spindle speed and the feed rate should be accurate and precise from the very first time. The accurate and the fine the cut, the more the prettier it will look. Always make precision your top priority when using CNC machining. Manual machining works very differently than the CNC one.

Always be miles away from stainless steel

Stainless steels are very hard to cut through, and hence when making deeper designs, they often result into uneven cuts. When using stainless steels, the finesse and the finishing should be perfect, else the carving doesn’t look pretty. Prefer for mild metals like aluminum or brass.

Purchase clamping kit and a set of parallels

If your part shifts out of position, your crafting may get off-angle. This shift may result due to the long years of crafting with your machine. To keep this part in place, there is a method which uses clamping and parallels known as Workholding. Get a decent set of parallels and kit to keep your carving part into position