Newel Post- Its Different Make Your Staircase Attractive

If you’ve ever handled the project of installing stair cases, then you have perhaps heard the term- newel post. It is one of the most elaborate parts, placed at the entrance of any stairway. Newel post helps in creating a unique style of your baluster.

parts of a stair

Newel post- Designs found for this stair accessory

Newel posts, which are of the boxed model, are preferable, if the railings may not be needed. Simple box and mission boards are few designs, which you can get with the box styled newels. Some newels are square boxed and though they look very simple, they are highly elegant. Each of the newels may look like some obelisk. By means of various timbers and paints, you may get diverse patterns for your newels.
Another design, which can find, is the half newel. Often, it is seen that the railings get ended at the wall, and they leave some space for the installation of a complete newel. In order to maintain the architectural and visual consistency of your baluster, this kind of newel may be chosen. It helps to sustain the balance all through your staircase.

Most of the homeowners choose standard geometric pattern of newel post with cylindrical, rectangular, and sphere-shaped units. Such models look simple but classy. They may be perfect with some typical cylinder-like balusters. But, it is not always essential to rely on fundamental geometrical shapes.

There are also scroll motifs, which are much popular. Generally, you may find floral designs or leaf-like embellishments in order to create a luxurious look. You will also get the vines, which surround the newel post of your stairway.

Customized newel posts available

You may plan to have the tailored newel posts in order to make your house better during the renovation project. Many homeowners want to reveal their individual style at their home. The customized newel post may be availed in different patterns, like colonial or Victorian. They may be decorated wonderfully to have a unique look. So, hire the best staircase builder, who may help you to buy stair parts, including newel posts. You can also purchase the prefabricated components for your office or home.

Consider the resilience and quality, while you buy stair parts, like newel posts. Decide on whether the square or rounded posts are better for you. You know that the tops of newel may also be curved. However, the significant role to be played by them is to offer strength to the railing. Keep in mind that while designing you stairway, you need to consider all the requirements of your family members. Obviously, the same rule is applicable for your newel post also. A modern house must have a beautiful newel post.