The parasol is a convenient way to have the shade at the outdoor locations. You should buy them by checking the quality of the cloth whether it is waterproof or not, is it sun resistant or not. Considering the right base for it is equally important. There are many kinds of bases available in the market and depending upon your requirement you can buy them.

Here are some types of bases that you can consider while making your purchase.

Tile base:

The tile base is good for large shades. You can add 4 to 8 tiles if you want to add weight, there is easy provision made so that you can conveniently add the tile. It is the most stable kind of base. There are wheels attached to the parasols too so that you can easily move it from one place to another.

garden parasol

Granite base:

The granite base is used mostly at the places where you need to fix them permanently. These bases are so heavy so that it is not easy to move them. These types of parasols are generally used in the gardens.

Ground anchor:

This type of shade is the best for the places where there is little space available. You can even sunken these bases in the ground too. They even work well if you are not having a base to make them stand. They give you a cleaner look as they are not in between the table and chair to disturb your settings.

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