What Are The Effects Of Different Types Of Asbestos?

Asbestos is commonly used for fire proofing and insulation and it poses many risks to the human health. If asbestos is used in your property then it is better to hire an asbestos consultant as they can assist you in management of asbestos throughout the renovation or building process. In Yorkshire, the consultants offer a wide range of services including inspection, advice and asbestos removal. To safely remove the asbestos from your property, you can hire the asbestos consultant in Yorkshire.

Here are some different types of asbestos.

Types of asbestos:

Amphibole – it is found in insulating products, sealants, paints, and talc products. These minerals are not used commercially but can be found as contaminating other minerals. These more dangerous than other minerals and can be present in different colors like green, white, gray and transparent.

Chrysotile – these fibers are usually heat resistant, fine in texture and possess high flexibility. They can be found in ceiling, roof, wall and floor in houses or commercial buildings. This is one of the most dangerous and common forms of asbestos. Its fibers are white, long and curly.

Crocidolite – it is used in pipe insulation, spray coating, and in cement products. Its brittle nature and thin fibers make it harmful. As compared to other asbestos, it can be responsible for more death because its thin fiber can easily be inhaled and get lodged in the lungs. It can be in the form of straight or blue fiber.

Amosite – it is commonly used in plumbing insulation, electrical insulation and in cement sheets. It can be recognized by its brown color and straight fiber and is particularly heat resistant. Therefore, it is banned in many countries because of its high friability. It has brittle and straight fibers and it also creates the risk of cancer.